We received our mission call on 20 February 2014, but waited to open the envelop until we could share the experience with our family on Sunday afternoon, 23 February 2014. All of our family joined us in person at our home, except for James and Natalie Jacob and their family, who joined us by Skype from their home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Cindy and Dave Laursen, Grandma Vesta Jacob, Judi Hutchings, Kami and Brent Baldwin, Beverly and Jim Ellison, and Jerry and Marilyn Smith also joined us for this important occasion.

We couldn’t believe it when we opened our letters and learned we have been called to serve in the Alaska Anchorage Mission! How exciting! Shortly following our marriage in December 1969, we spent a summer in Alaska working on the Alaska Railroad. It was like returning to a place we had already cherished and Alaska holds an important place in our hearts. We were informed that we were to report to the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah on 3 March 2014.

For more information on the Alaska Anchorage Mission, you can visit the following news articles and websites: New Mission Formed for Alaska, Yukon (Ensign, December 1974), President Hinckley Visits Alaska Saints (Ensign, September 1995), Ground Breaking for New Temple in Juneau, Alaska (May 9, 2013), and the Alaska Anchorage Mission website.