Dear Family,

We have been here one month!!!  We think of our family back home daily and love to get emails, texts and pictures!!!

Last week was very busy – our first week seeing 6 weeks transfers.  Last Mon. we had a special meeting with the Mission Pres. and his wife, Pres. and Sister Beesley, to greet 6 new missionaries arriving to the AAM from the airport.  Two Elders from Tonga and two Elders and one Sister from the US.  We introduced ourselves and told them of our duties at the office.  We had refreshments on a table for everyone to enjoy – veggies and dip, fruit bowl and snack food.  After, the New Missionaries went to the Mission Home for dinner and get some rest.

On Tues. we had a transfer meeting where all of the Missionaries serving in the area and close enough to attend, came to say hello to the New Missionaries and goodbye to Missionaries going home, with some great musical numbers too.  Two Elders from Taiwan and Laos, sang- Love At Home- in Hmong Language – that is spoken in one of our Branches in Alaska.  Later that night, Sister Poulsen  (a Sec. in the office) and I attended a meeting for all of the Sister Missionaries at the Lambertsons – a counselor to our Mission Pres. who lives in Alaska by the Temple.  They had a nice dinner for us -baked ham,tossed salad, and a crockpot filled with mashed potatoes-and toppings to put on them like a potatoe bar (our grandkids would like them) then, cut up fruit with hot carmel sauce to put on.  Then we went to the front room for a meeting and talked about miracles that have happened in each Zone.  Two Zones joined us on line with skype.  It was a great night.

The snow and Ice are melting here – they call it the Break Up time.  It is starting to feel like Spring and we see people jogging some on the sidewalks.  We got an eliptical yesterday and are glad we can get some exercise in again.

We enjoyed watching conference in our Apt.- by BYU TV- and loved the talks given – I liked how Pres. Monson talked about how special FAMILIES are and to treat each other kindly and with respect.  Hope you all got the Moose picture that Dad took at the Mission Office nibbling on the bushes –

Take care and WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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