Monthly Archives: March 2014

“We must at times search our own souls and discover what we really are. Our real character, much as we would wish, cannot be hidden.” — James E. Faust

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Ten Elders held a District Meeting at the Mission Office. This post includes a short video recording of their opening hymn.
Hi Family, We had another great week here in Alaska!!   Mon., we took a 3 some set of Elders to dinner at the Moose's Tooth - a good pizza place in town - they make homemade root beer so we shared a pizza and had good root beer - After, Rodney Hutchings invited us to a St. Patrick's get together where he cooked corned beef and cabbage and everyone brought potluck green food items.  They had bagpipe players there too.  On Tues. we moved to a new location - We live in a